It is very easy to book your wedding photographer based on price alone, but are you certain you will really be getting a great deal?

Some offer a really great price, but then sting you on the cost of prints or getting your edited images on disc. Others may be inexperienced and won’t know how to get the best out of your day.

Have you thought about the weather?
What will your photographer do if it is raining?
Will you still get great photographs in poor light conditions?
How will they manage if they can’t use a flash during your ceremony?
How long will it take for you to get your wedding photographs?

Have you checked, or considered, if your wedding photographer is insured?
What will happen if your photographer breaks something, or someone gets injured tripping over some of their equipment?
How will you get compensated if your photographer doesn’t turn up, or fails to get any photographs due to equipment theft or failure?

Have you seen your photographers work, or just booked him or her because they are cheap?
Have you read testimonies from other weddings they have photographed, and are they genuine?

There are so many things to consider when looking for a wedding photographer, so how do you make the right choice for you?

Well, all the questions above should be considered, and asked of any photographer you are looking at.

You should also meet up with them before handing any money over, as deposits are often non-refundable.

A meeting with your photographer serves several purposes, some of which I have listed below.

1. You get a ‘feel’ for the person.
Do they come across as confident, but not overly so, and are they able to answer your questions? Yes, you should have a few questions prepared.

2. They get to know you a little, and you get to know them a little.
This is important because if you and your photographer don’t ‘click’ then getting great photographs on your wedding day will be so much harder as neither you or your photographer will feel relaxed, which can destroy the quality and feel of the photographs you get. Your wedding day is about you and your partners relationship and love, but you need to let your photographer into this unique circle of trust for a little while and build a friendship with them too.

3. You have the opportunity to decide whether the photographer will ‘fit’ into your day and whether you, and your guests, will be comfortable having them around. Your photographer should also be considering the same points.

4. You, and your photographer, have the chance to say that you may be better off choosing someone else who may be more suited to your requirements. It is better that this happens early on, as you won’t have paid any money out and you will still have plenty of time to look elsewhere.

5. If everything works out, and you are happy with your photographer, then you can all sign the contract your wedding photography (they do have a contract, don’t they?), pay your deposit, and tick one thing off of your list.

One last thing. Whether you have found your perfect photographer during your little meeting, or not, at least you have had a little time away from the stress of your wedding planning in a nice relaxed atmosphere with a friendly, caring, and honest person (hopefully).

Oh, before I go I had better answer the questions I have raised above…
Yes, I have thought about the weather, and have wide experience of photographing in most of the weather conditions that the UK can throw at us. I also carry a couple of umbrellas in my car for you to use if it is raining so you won’t get wet.

Yes, I have photographed in many different lighting conditions. I know my cameras well, and know how to set them up for low lighting conditions, or times when I can not use flash (which happens quite a lot at weddings, incidentally).

I aim to get your photographs to you at most 2 weeks after your wedding. On rare occasions this may take a little longer.

Yes, I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

There are samples of my work, and testimonies on my website, facebook page and Google+… feel free to have a look around. I also bring my tablet along to meetings with couples so they can see the full sets of photographs from weddings I have photographed.

If you have any questions that I haven’t thought of above then please add a comment below and I will do my best to answer them for you, or you could check out the FAQ’s on my website, the answer your are looking for may be there.

Thanks for taking time the time to read this blog post. Feel free to share it with friends, and on social media.

Have fun,